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“My quality of life and sleep have improved dramatically, It helps me fall asleep immediately – and stay asleep.”

Jennifer Keller
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When using Urban Health, participants report a boost in overall well-being
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Reported less stress

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97% of Urban Health users said they wished that they discovered us earlier.

Richard D.
"When I wake up feeling happy and full of energy because I had a restful and rejuvenating sleep the night before, that's when I realized it was all worth it!"
Jennifer Keller
“My quality of life and sleep have improved dramatically, It helps me fall asleep immediately – and stay asleep.”
Linda Porter
“I hit on a gold mine when I found the Inner Child meditation. The first time I used it, I felt better. I’ve used it three or four times now, it’s really good and has helped me so much emotionally.”
Beverly Phillip
"Before I found Urban health, I tried a number of other apps in an effort to get my sleep cycle back on track; however, none of them were successful. I have made up my mind, and there is no way I'm walking away from this!"
Henry Castro
"Just one night of sound sleep was enough to convince me that nothing is more valuable than my rest."

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